Artistic Direction & Programming

We provide an elite service with expert creative and technical knowledge to compliment an enriched entertainment programme combining both innovative and timeless performances.  

Every aspect of the planning process is important to us from operational management, concept, theming, design and visualisation through to creative delivery.

Our knowledge and expertise in artistic direction and in entertainment programming is well documented and combined with our working ethos; accepting that only perfection is best for our clients, we ensure that your entertainment programme is well communicated, smoothly run and consistent, offering a full management support team both shoreside and at sea, dedicated to the coordination and orchestration of our overall artistic initiative.

Production Management

Our Production Manager is responsible for ensuring quality, safety, shore to site logistics and productive delivery. They are the integral link between the on-site entertainment teams and the Creative Director. As a multi-disciplinary member of the team, they are responsible for managing;

  • Installations and de-installations

  • Cast change overs

  • Maintenance checks - stage, set, props, instruments, costumes

  • Quality control of product delivery

Artistic Direction for entertainment programmes .....

  • An enriched entertainment programme combining both innovative and timeless performances

  • Direct Communication with our client's entertainment departments
  • Monitored product development on trend with brand placement and seasonal requirements
  • We will proactively stimulate our clients with new innovative ideas and proposals
  • Controlled monitoring of feedback to ensure an impeccable guest experience

"It is a pleasure and honour to work with TSE and to see them give 110% each and every day."
Jari Pietiläinen - Programme Host, MS Silja Symphony

Trust our knowledgeable team to create and deliver an incredible entertainment programme for you!


With over 40 years combined experience in the event and theatrical industry we bring a wealth of knowledge to the development of our entertainment solutions. This experience is transferred to castings, logistical management, creative concepts and budgeting.


We can tailor projects to specific budgets and always have solutions for different financial requirements and venue specifications.


Quality is the defining principle in all our work. Using the best creative professionals, our team all come with a successful background in performance and production management.