An immersive theatrical experience, with effective stage sets, imaginative props and clever visual screen content, accompanied by powerful music and beautiful costumes. Our work is divinely balanced between creativity at it’s heart, tradition and a distinctive contemporary edge.

TSE team develop and professionally execute well-known musical productions and bespoke themed shows that are described as 'memorable and entertaining experiences'. We regularly create new productions and always deliver crisp concepts to propose to clients.
All creative elements are prepared and delivered to the highest specification. These include;

  • Casting management
  • Choreography and musical direction
  • Costume design
  • Design and development of creative concepts
  • Logistical and production management
  • Marketing support and social media campaigns 
  • Programming

We can tailor shows to specific budgets and ensure there are solutions for differing financial requirements. We are competitively priced and provide value for money production shows. 

Our Shows are .....

HIGH QUALITY - Using only the best creative professionals, choreography and musical direction.
ENTERTAINING - Shows are captivating, fun, upbeat and ensure audiences have a fantastic time.
TAILORED - Whether you require family fun or high-end luxury entertainment we have the creative shows to suit all your requirements.

Production Show Menu

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The stage is our canvas in this exhilarating production exploring an artists' obsession with dance. We  pulsate through classical and contemporary masterpieces inspired by artists such as Dali, Degas and Lautrec, with artistic flare and thought provoking movements.

Musik und Ich

A discography tribute to the ultimate extraordinary composing skills of acclaimed German composer Hans Zimmer. An awesomely narrated production, describing his journey and his award winning achievements of epic scores and soundtracks. Perfect for all movie lovers.

Baroque Rock

A fusion of musical masterpieces entwining classical and rock music, inspired by the work of famous Baroque composers. With electrifying orchestration this show is to be enjoyed by a mix of nationalities.

Ballroom Blitz

An electric dance experience with dazzling choreography, magnetically captivating music and breath-taking moves. This irresistibly sexy show blends ballroom dancing with cabaret glitz. The talented cast with two sensational singers lead the charge in this electrifying production that brings a sense of Latin vibez, heat and glamour.

Cirque at Sea

Roll Up Roll Up for the GREATEST CRUISE!
CIRQUE AT SEA pays tribute to the film The Greatest Showman featuring an incredible team of entertainers, circus performers and magicians from around the world.This interactive production has all the favourite daredevil thrills and amazing music to delight your appetite.

Viva Fiesta

A sumptuous Havana club and Casino show blends delightfully in a fruity carnival atmosphere. With vibrant costumes, extraordinary ‘Carmen Miranda’ vocals, amazing technology and Lavish ‘Viva’ showgirls. It’s Lavish, It’s Tropicana intoxicating, It’s cheeky, It's a Mambo beat - with a hint of chica chica boom boom!

Into the Groove

An explosive Jukebox production inspired by iconic female pop legends. Into the groove is a highly charged dance show that encapsulates sensual power ballads and delectable beats that will ‘rock your body’ to the core.

Celtic Fire

This celebratory joyous riot is an Irish musical journey of Charm, Spirit and Empowerment. Combining eclectic music with energetic toe- tapping beats, we fuse traditional music with rock and roll, engulfing all things we hold dear in an Irish dance musical.


Our new show Rouge will run as your hottest show to date. Set in a Burlesque cabaret lounge with vibrant songs, bold dancing and fiercely fabulous body bending performers. This is the kind of production where you are entertained to boiling point.

Blame it on the Boogie

This is the ultimate tribute show to THE JACKSONS. Put on your boogie shoes and get on board this soul train and don’t stop till you get enough! This is a pure indulgence of back to back timeless classics and number 1 hits spanning 50 years in the hit parade.

Saturday Night Live

A highly acclaimed tribute to the most sensationally smooth Soul singers that have graced the earth. Get Ready! as this sauve ‘SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE’ production will keep lifting you higher. From Motown to Neo-soul it’s time to enjoy, Kids.

We Love the 90's

Let the good 90’s vibes, that inspired a flamboyant generation, move you. Don your spandex and shades and prepare to reminisce with happy tunes, break up songs, girl groups and boy bands. A mix tape show for the alternative retro lover of the 90’s.

Swing Sisters

Performing luscious close harmony, Swing Sisters celebrate exhilarating 1940’s songs in tribute to the syncopated talents of the Andrews Sisters, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee. Join us as we relive musical uniqueness.

Rock Fest

This wicked and wildly riveting female led rock show delights the most hardened of rock lovers. From "Baby Come Back" to "Born to Be Wild" this talented Rock Fest trio will Rock and Roll you through America and Europe with great power ballads and psychedelic expressions.

Bitter Sweet

Bitter or Sweet, whatever your preference, this promiscuously jamming BitterSweet show thrills with dynamism and progressive pleasantries in one entertaining bite. This production will fulfil your senses to the Max.